What Do We Do?

ODIN offers competitive pricing for data acquisition through flight operations with advanced Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Budget shall be adapted to the clients’ needs and modest discounts are available for multi-flight purchases. ODIN offers a professional product managed by the most strict aeronautical procedures to ensure safety and a proficient service. These services will be adapted depending on the area of the industry where they shall be applied, such as agriculture, industrial maintenance or mapping.​

Agriculture and Forest Analysis - ODIN

Agriculture and Forest Analysis

In the field of agriculture and forest scanning, ODIN can provide a multi-spectral analysis of the field in order to determine crop-health indicators such as humidity, plague-existence or solar incidence.

Solar panels, Wind turbines Maintenance - ODIN

Industrial Maintenance

For industrial maintenance, ODIN can provide a full survey on the current status of the structure, being able to analyse solar panels, wind-mills or big industrial facilities such as ports or thermal chimneys, locating any material discontinuities through thermal aerial inspections. 

Photogrammetry Illustration - ODIN


ODIN also provides photogrammetry services in order to map a big extension of terrain. This allows the surveillance of mass-movement and allows having a 3D image of the whole mapped zone. This can be applied to mining or even to preservation of historical monuments.

UAS Research & Development - ODIN

UAS Research & Development

Our main objective is to provide an end-to-end service for the current market needs and applications such as industrial maintenance. Nonetheless, the UAS sector is just hatching and further applications shall be unveiled in the next months and years. In ODIN we intend to always keep on track and to this aim, we shall invest our efforts in developing new tools and applications for the UAS technology, such as Artificial Intelligence for Air Traffic Management, Aerial Data Analysis and Aircraft Maintenance, design and construction of new UAS configurations, or new applications within the Urban Space, which is still to be developed and hides an enormous potential. By putting the trust in ODIN, you are trusting the future.

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