Since a very young age, I have always been passionate about engaging in new projects. Thanks to my challenge hunger, I have taken leading roles during university years in the major European Association for Aerospace Students. I have also had the opportunity to play an important role in innovation projects at AIRBUS Defence and Space on behalf of GMV Defence and Space.

Chief Executive Officer

Javier Ferrero Micó

I am an Aerospace Engineer with the bachelor's degree specialised in Air Navigation and the MSc in Safety and Human Factors in Aviation. I have always dreamed of working together with my friends on a project that sparks within us a great deal of enthusiasm. Therefore, I am determined to dedicate myself and the experience gained at EUROCONTROL and ROMATSA to this challenging project.

Chief Strategy Officer

George Cristian Simion

Technical Architect from the University of Granada, CEO of a construction company with more than 40 years of history and studying within the second edition of the Master in Design, Piloting and Applications for Unmanned Aircraft Systems. My overall experience provides professionalism and serenity to the project, while being the interface with the clients. 

Chief Contracting Officer 

Jose Antonio Molina

Aerospace engineer specialized in Navigation and Autonomous Vehicles, as well as a fan of air transport and airspace management. After the experience of team management and working as a team at EUROAVIA, I participated in various projects and got several achievements during the university period. After that, and with my eyes always looking into the future, I work on positioning using precise GNSS in GMV, in an autonomous car project for BMW Group. With all this baggage, I participate in this project with all my enthusiasm and commitment as COO.

Chief Operating Officer

Eduardo Tirado Marzá

Team worker and sociable, my studies in Mechanical Engineering specialized in design and a Master in Unmanned Aircraft in the UPV is my added value to this project. Starting this adventure with ODIN is one of the most exciting challenges of my life.

Chief Product Officer

Josep Bosch Quiles

Aerospace engineer with UAS professional experience and a master’s degree. My task is to achieve the promotion of innovation within the sector thanks to new technologies, as well as assigning the I+D resources to the corresponding tasks.

Chief Technical Officer

Moises Linares Muñoz

As Business and Sales Officer, I will invest my vast experience in commercial and company management in ensuring the business' expansion under the coordination of the Sales and Customers department. As such, I shall be the main contact point for customers.

Business & Sales Officer

Mariano Romero Berja

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